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Privacy and the protection of personal data

In principle, the information available on or via the website can be accessed without having to provide personal details, such as name, postal address, e-mail address, etc. 
Exceptionally, users may be asked to provide personal information, mainly contact details, in order to obtain additional services (order documents, subscribe to a newsletter, ask questions by e-mail or by calling 1718 (toll-free number of the Walloon Region), etc.).
In this case, the user is warned in advance and the data are processed in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Data controller

The data controller in charge of personal data relating to this website is Umberto ROMANO, Director. Any requests or questions about the protection of privacy on the website can be sent to him at the following postal address: Service public de Wallonie, Mobilité & Infrastructures - Direction des Déplacements doux et de la Sécurité des aménagents de voiries, Boulevard du Nord 8, 5000 Namur, or by e-mail to

Principles underlying the collection of personal data
  • Your personal data may only be collected and processed for the purposes indicated when they are requested.
  • You have the right to check whether your data are processed by the SPW (Walloon Public Service) via the form to be found on the Portal of Wallonia.
  • You will have the right to consult your personal data, if need be, to check that they are correct and to have any errors concerning them rectified by contacting the address;
  • The SPW undertakes to put in place adequate security measures to prevent third parties making improper use of personal data that you may have provided.
Use for the purpose of browsing statistics

When you access the website, the servers consulted automatically collect the following data:

  • the IP address allocated to you when you connect;
  • the date and time you access the website;
  • the pages consulted;
  • the type of browser used;
  • the platform and/or the operating system installed on the PC;
  • the search engine and the key words used to find the website and the files downloaded.

This information is kept solely in order to count the number of visitors in the various sections of the website and make improvements.

Use of cookies

To make it easier for you to browse the website and to optimise the technical management, the Walloon Public Service may occasionally use cookies. A cookie is a small item of information stored by a website in your computer’s internet browser. This cookie can be retrieved during a subsequent visit to the same website. The cookie can only be read by the website that created it. This website uses cookies for administrative purposes, for example to record your preferences for certain types of information, which avoids you having to enter the same details via the keyboard each time you visit the website. Most cookies only operate during a single session or visit. None of them contains information which may be used to contact you by telephone, e-mail or post. You can also adjust the settings in your browser so that you are informed each time a cookie is created or to prevent them being recorded.

Contact and complaint forms

The contact and complaint forms provided for you are managed by the Direction de la communication externe (Directorate for External Communication) of the Walloon Public Service.
Your contact details and the information on the forms will only be used to direct you to the information available on public websites or to the competent departments of the administration. These departments alone are authorised to rule on specific situations or give you legal, professional or personal advice.
Political messages are redirected to the websites of the Government or the relevant Minister.
The administration provides the following responses:
1.    automatic acknowledgement of receipt;
2.    a response within two working days with regard to requests for information that can be found directly on the website or indicating the admissibility of the complaint;
3.    if the request for information requires research by our services or if the complaint is admissible, a response within 40 calendar days of the date of acknowledgement of receipt.

Contact regarding the protection of your personal data

A Data Protection Officer, Thomas LEROY, has been appointed to advise the SPW on the rules regarding personal data and to ensure compliance with these rules.
He is also the contact point for users of the SPW and the Data Protection Authority. For more information about the protection of personal data, go to the Portal of Wallonia.