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Contrary to what many often presume, those who are sight-impaired or even blind can access IT systems and therefore the internet by using either enlargement software programs or voice synthesis and Braille display technologies. The Walloon Government has decided to attach particular importance to the accessibility of its websites. Since April 2003, it has adopted a series of measures aimed at making most of the Walloon public websites accessible. In very general terms, a website is accessible if it can be used and consulted by all its visitors.
The elderly, those with motor difficulties, the blind and sight impaired, the deaf and hearing impaired, those with epilepsy, dyslexia or who have difficulty concentrating, those who use older equipment and mobile technology users are all potential visitors to a website. Enabling accessibility involves making sure that the website programming language, its contents and the way the information is laid out are compatible with the tools and browsing techniques of each visitor.