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W1 Entre Dendre et Hauts-Pays

Length (in km)
72 km

De Grammont/Geraardsbergen aux Honnelles

Follow the Dendre RAVeL between Lessines (Deux-Acren) and Ath across the Pays Vert, the Land of Green. You have the chance to meet a surrealist painter and visit the Notre-Dame à la Rose hospital, recognised as part of the exceptional heritage of Wallonia and one of the finest charitable institutions. You can rub shoulders with giants and savour Mastelles tart (with biscuit and almonds), available only during the ducasse or fair in Ath (recognised as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity).

You then follow the Blaton-Ath canal to Beloeil, famous for its castle, which belongs to the de Ligne family and marks the end of the first stage.
You set off again, your head filled with the delights of gardens and music.
Along a canal favoured by pleasure craft, you reach Blaton and Bernissart. You search almost desperately for iguanodons in the marches of Harchies, a rich nature reserve. And finally, you flirt with the French border as far as the house of the poet where the ‘Caillou-qui-Bique’, a stone that stirs curiosity for several reasons, awaits you near Roisin.
You may then decide to continue along your way towards the museum town of Bavay in France, a major Gallo-Roman crossroads.

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Route Stages : W1 Entre Dendre et Hauts-Pays 2

De Grammont/Geraardsbergen à Beloeil (stage 1)
On the RAVeL of the Dendre and the Blaton-Ath canal

Riding from Grammont/Geraardsbergen to Beloeil, you go from a steep, paved street and a major cycling centre to gentle landscapes with barely an incline, where music can be heard at the foot of a castle in summer. Why not come and enjoy a gentle contrast. Although… when the ducasse or fair comes to Ath, the quiet atmosphere can start seething! In fact, the RAVeLs of the Dendre and of the Blaton-Ath canal alone can explain.

Length (in km)
33 km
De Beloeil à Onnezies (Honnelles) (stage 2)
On the Canals RAVeL between Ath, Blaton, Pommeroeul and the Lines 98 and 98A

This is a somewhat bewildering route that includes a French garden at a time when the English garden reigned supreme, a jumble of canals guarded by iguanodons and the green and hilly Borinage region where people come to relax.
Starting from Beloeil, you take the Blaton-Ath canal RAVeL towards Blaton. You go through the pretty little village of Ecacheries and the famous boiling fountain to reach Stambruges and the Mer de Sable nature reserve.

Length (in km)
38,5 km