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International Route 1

EuroVelo 3
La Véloroute des Pélerins

As you leave Aix-la-Chapelle/Aachen, the Pilgrims cycling route takes you to Liège, known as the Cité Ardente owing to its warm, lively atmosphere. You soon reach the highly symbolic ‘Trois Frontières’ or ‘Three Borders’ between Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. After about 5 kilometres on the Line 39 RAVeL, you join the Plombières mining site and the Line 38 RAVeL which takes you to discover the bocages of the Pays de Herve region in a bright, green setting. Discover the video of Lines RAVeL 38 and 39, the best european greenway 2021 !

Length (in km)
209 km

Regional Route 1

W6 Au fil de l'eau
De Chaudfontaine à Erquelinnes

From the start at the springs and spas of Chaudfontaine, you are immediately immersed in the atmosphere of three major rivers in Wallonia, the Vesdre, the Meuse and the Sambre. Along this route, you will appreciate the safety of the RAVeL and gain an overview of the extensive inland waterway and post-industrial heritage of these three valleys and the cultural diversity to be found in Wallonia in cities such as Liège, Namur and Charleroi.

Length (in km)
163 km

Local Route

No route for these route type