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Ligne 156

Length (in km)
49 km

Entre Oise et Meuse – D’une frontière française à l’autre

Although Line 156 is still being laid out, it already has some pleasant surprises in store: forests, bocages, the Fagnes or fens, the castle of the Princes of Chimay, a pretty tourist train in three valleys, a river and, of course, gourmet and brewing specialities in which this region abounds. Just the place for pleasant, unforgettable outings with friends. 

Here we suggest two stages which do not follow one after another but which can be combined:
1.    Line 156 between Momignies, Chimay and Aublain.
2.    Line 156 between Mariembourg and Hastière.
The missing stretch between Aublain and Mariembourg will be laid out over the next few years.

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Route Stages : Ligne 156 2

De Momignies à Aublain (Chimay) (stage 1)
On the Line 156 RAVeL – A short tour in Thiérache

Between an arboretum, an abbey and a world famous principality, a leading bird sanctuary, a chronicler, a blockbuster and more.
The  Botte du Hainaut region may seem somewhat elusive.

Not at all. This is a small piece of Europe. And a small piece of the EuroVelo 3 cycling route (EV3) linking Santiago de Compostela in Spain and Trondheim in Norway. 

Length (in km)
19 km
De Mariembourg (Couvin) à Hastière (stage 2)
On the Line 156 RAVeL – A short tour in the Fens

This short trip is marked by the seal of the Belle Epoque railway line. It was all established in the 19th century to open up this region at the heart of renowned industrial areas. Between Lille and Thionville, between Charleroi and northern France, everything contributed towards making this region and this line a driving force, a focal point.

Since then, the railway has handed its tracks over to rail tourism, nature lovers and RAVeL users… And that’s great for us! 

Length (in km)
30 km