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De Sankt-Vith/Saint-Vith à Steinebrück (Saint-Vith) et Lengeler (Burg-Reuland) (stage 2)

From Steinebrück (Sankt-Vith/Saint-Vith) to Lengeler (Burg-Reuland)

Length (in km)
18 km

Starting in Steinebrück, this stage takes you to the romantic Our valley, among the massifs of the Eifel and the Ardennes. You soon leave the Line 46 RAVeL and cross the Belgian-German border towards Hemmeres.
Returning to Belgium via the village of Auel, in the distance you will see the ruins of the Burg-Reuland fortress, the high point of this stage, which has overlooked the region since the 12th century.

You then go along the river Ulf on the Line 47 RAVeL towards the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg where, shortly after Lengeler, an undeveloped tunnel marks the border and the end of your journey. The tunnel is inaccessible as a rare species of bat has made its home in this obscure passage into Luxembourg and now has protected status. Nevertheless, equipment and educational information about the life of the bats encourage you to head towards this enigmatic spot.


The route:
Starting in Steinebrück, you follow the Line 46 RAVeL towards Saint-Vith/Sankt-Vith. In fact, you take the path you followed in stage 1 in the opposite direction for just over one kilometre, then you fork left along small roads towards Hemmeres, a village in Germany. In this village, turn right quickly along a path leading towards the village of Auel in Belgium. The border lies in the middle of a wooden footbridge across the Our river.
In Auel, you go back on the Line 47 RAVeL and pass through the commune of Burg-Reuland. Shortly after the site of the old Lengeler railway station, at a small crossroads, the RAVeL continues for just over a kilometre to the closed border tunnel.
Smooth, asphalt.
Height difference: 
Ascent of 252 metres. Imperceptible incline.
The entire route is marked by specific ‘Line 46 RAVeL’ and ‘Line 47 RAVeL - Vennbahn’ directional signs.
Safety, precautions: 
Take care when crossing roads.

Useful info

Steinebrück (commune of Saint-Vith/Sankt-Vith) along the N646, under the bridge of the E42 motorway.

Coordinates Lambert 72 : X : 279450 m - Y : 104555 m

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 50°14'16.13'' E - Longitude: 06°11'0.68'' N

Parking possible next to the starting point.
Line 47 border tunnel just after Lengeler.

Coordinates Lambert 72 : X : 268723 m - Y : 96107 m

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 50°9'50.90'' E - Longitude: 06°1'49.94'' N


  • RAVeL map of the Province of Liège published by the SPW. This map, called ‘More RAVeL, more pleasure’ can be ordered free of charge by clicking here.
  • All documentation can be obtained via the ATEB website. In particular, a map to a scale of 1/100,000 is available which gives details of the path followed by the Vennbahn and indicates the connections with other RAVeL routes (Line 48 to Waimes) as well as other connections to the German cycling route and greenways network (Eifel-Ardennen Radweg cycling route to Prüm).

Around the route by bike:

Stage map